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  •  Takes care of all the crawling insects found in your home/office.
  •  Annual contract includes 4 visits in 12 months.
  • Practically odour free & stain free.
  • No moving of any furniture or emptying of cupboards or kitchen.
  • Safe for small children and asthmatics.
  • In Gel Treatment we apply gel in nesting areas of cockroaches. They feed on the gel and die.


Depending upon individual requirement we use different methods such as:

  • Poison baiting either with anticoagulants or acute poison.
  • Glue Traps.
  • Rodent Bait Stations.
  • We help identify entry points and guide the customer on how to seal them.


  • If you find termites in your existing home / office, post construction termite control treatment will be provided and will carry a warranty of 3 to 5 years.*
  • During the process we will drill 5 mm to 6 mm holes in the entire premises of the building and common areas of the building structure.
  • We will then inject chemicals to form a barrier and seal the holes with appropriate sealants.
  • If your home / office is being renovated and the flooring is being replaced we will apply chemicals on the flooring (PCC) just before the floor tiles are fitted.


  • We identify nesting areas in flooring, electric fittings, cracks in walls, in furniture etc. and inject chemicals in them to get the bedbugs out and kill them.
  • We also spray the mattresses to kill the bedbugs which are present in the mattresses.
  • We also advise our customers on how to prevent recurrence of bedbugs.


  • We release insecticide into each nani traps in each flat starting from the topmost floor and proceed downwards and then kill the cockroaches in the manholes on the ground floor.
  • This treatment takes care of more than 90% cockroach problem in all flats.
  • Treatment is effective to prevent cockroaches from entering the premises through common drains.


  • Termites are the last things you want. Finishpest will provide you with a termite prevention plan that will help protect your home / office.
  • If your home / office is under construction, pre construction anti termite treatment is cheap and very effective.
  • Stage I: After each footing is cast, we apply chemicals on them to protect them from termites.This will take care of termites that could attack the building from the foundation. This needs to be done before filling up the excavation.
  • Stage II: We apply chemicals on the rubble after it is packed before the PCC is laid.
  • Stage III: We will apply chemicals on the flooring (PCC) just before the floor tiles are fitted. This process has to be done on the entire ground floor of the premises for it to be effective.
  • Stage IV:We will apply chemicals on the complete periphery of your structure.


We use the world’s No. 1 Termite Detector – Termatrac T3i machine, the latest radar and thermal technology, which helps in detection of termites without destruction method.


  • When you make new ply furniture, the treatment of ply sheets / veneer, ensures that there will be no powder falling from the furniture.
  • Treatment is fast, cheap and effective.
  • Odour free & stain free.
  • No discoloration of veneer

*Terms & Conditions Apply


Ahimsa Mosquito repellent

Ahimsa rat repellent

Ahimsa snake repellent

Ahimsa lizard repellent

ahimsa plant fungus repellent

Many more repellents like:

  • House Fly
  • Ants & Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Dust Mites
  • Bed Bugs
  • Termites
  • General Pests



  • Corporates like Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.
  • The prestigious Club House of Godrej at Vikhroli and some of their offices
  • All offices and branches of Zoroastrian Co-op Bank Ltd in Mumbai & Thane,
  • Monginis Factory at Dapode, Secunderabad and New Delhi
  • Gajjar And Assocates
  • HDB Financial Services at NOIDA
  • GTL Ltd.
  • Jindal Stainless Ltd.
  • Hindalco Industries, Worli
  • Brisk Engineering
  • Honeytech Controls (I) Pvt Ltd.
  • AdvantEdge Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Shivneri CHSL
  • JaiGanraj CHSL
  • Ahuna CHSL
  • Yashraj Sahanivas
  • Reputed showrooms of Durian Furniture in Thane, Mulund and Bhandup
  • Rajan Techno Enterprises
  • Godbole & Associates (Architects and Interior Designers)
  • Nishi Constructions
  • Pooja Group (Builders)
  • Nisha Arts (Interior Designers)
  •  Pritha Interiors (Interior Designers)
  • Rashmi Enterprises (Builders & Developers)
  • Mohan Construction (Builders & Developers)
  • Doctors Clinics & Hospitals like Thane Eye Care Hospital.
  • Shivneri Maternity Hospital
  • OrthoNova Hospital
  • Dr. Karavade Eye Clinic
  • Amber Eye Clinic
  • Dr. Milind Rao’s Clinic
  • Excel Laboratory
  •  Shree Imaging CT Scan Centre
  •  Suyash Diagnostics
  • Mayuranand Classes
  • Chirantan Classes
  • Gurukul Study Centre
  • Global Infocomm Networks
  • Spark Freight and Logistics
  • Merchant Airfreight Services
  • Smeet Housing Estate Consultants
  • Malhir Telemedia
  • Various Premises of Saathi (NGO)
  • Lifeline Diagnostics, Thane
  • And individual homes and offices and many more.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do I need to empty kitchen cabinets and cupboards?
    No. If something needs to be emptied in the kitchen cabinets and cupboards then our personnel will do it and put it back.The customer needs to leave his/her house as it is so that we can find the nesting area of insects.
  2. How long will the smells of chemicals last?
    After the treatment is done the customer needs to keep the premises closed for about 3 to 4 hours. After which the customer can enter the premises, open the doors and windows and put on the fans. 85 to 90% of the smell will go away within the next 15 minutes
  3. Do I need to do the pest control for the complete house if I have cockroaches only in the kitchen?
    Yes it is recommended to do the pest control for the complete house as cockroaches could move to areas that are not treated.The general pest control also takes care of other insects present in the premises.
  4. Can you get rid of cockroaches in my refrigerator?
    Yes, cockroaches in the refrigerator can be controlled with the use of odour free gels, which are applied in the refrigerator at places where you will not touch.
  1. Do I need to mop up the floor and wash all the utensils after the spray?
    It is recommended that you do not mop the floors for about 24 hours after the treatment so as to allow the chemical to give best effect. Since water based chemicals are used your floor will not get sticky. Regarding utensils, it is advised that you rinse the utensils with water as and when you use them. Also kitchen platform needs to be wiped with a moist cloth before you start cooking.
  2. Do I need to remind you for follow up sprays in an annual contract?
    Our customer care representatives will send a postal reminder followed by a telephonic / email reminder to all customers whose treatment is due in that month. As per the availability your pest control job will be booked on date and time of your convenience. If a customer does not respond to postal and telephonic reminders we also send a reminder by courier during the end of that month.
  3. Will the pest control get rid of lizards in my house?
    All lizards that are present in the premises at the time of treatment will die. But the chemicals will not be effective on those lizards that enter the premises after the treatment is done. These lizards will be controlled by an indirect method. As your premises will be free of other flying insects these lizards that enter the premises after the treatment will not find any food in your premises and will leave the premises on its own
  4. Can I take only 1 treatment in a year and not go for an annual contract?
    It is not advisable to take only 1 treatment in a year as the chemicals have an effective life of only 3 to 4 months. Hence it would be a waste to take just one treatment.
  5. Will the chemicals stain the walls and furniture?

about us

Practically odour free pest control

Finishpest Enterprises is a leading and reputed pest control service providing organisation run by a team of qualified professionals in Mumbai and Thane.We have been helping homeowners ward off pests since 2000, so you can count on us to do the job right.

We make use of the latest chemicals and scientifically approved methods and equipment in our operations. This helps us in rendering services, which are comparable to international standards. Our Pest Control Services ensure total satisfaction to our customer, as our philosophy of working is based on sound scientific commercial principles such as:

  • Use of scientifically approved methods, equipment and chemicals in our operations.
  • Use of the most advanced technology and training and apply this learning by providing our customers with effective solutions for whatever pest problem they may encounter including cockroaches, bedbugs, flies, ants, termites, silverfish, lizards, mosquitoes, rodents and seasonal insects.
  • High priority and importance attached to safety of the occupants and keeping the environment healthy and free from pollution.
  • Effective and prompt follow up service after treatment as and when required.
  • Right combination of technical competence, dedicated service with high ethical standards.
  • We provide best quality work and excellent service in the industry.

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